Wedding Ceremony Script

Wedding Ceremony Script


Wedding Ceremony Script

A ceremony is a sacred time and a sacred space. It formally establishes and anchors the meaning the beholder has for a particular occasion. A wedding ceremony, literally, has the power to shape and actualize the couple’s intention, the very direction of their marriage, their home, and their life together.

Traditionally, most or all of a couple’s wedding ceremony has expressed the dogma of a religious organization or the perspective of the wedding minister-officiant. For many, this is ideal and wonderful. Tradition is beautiful indeed and has its place.

For the couple, however, wanting freedom of expression and individuality, and a truly personalized ceremony, Reverend Michael offers over two decades of experience and resourcefulness in support.

When I first get together with a couple, I will say something like this:

Wedding Ceremony Script“This is your wedding. Anything can be done here. There is nothing, no interest or viewpoint, that cannot be blended beautifully into your ceremony, including if it’s something unique and never done before or in a different order than I have been used to. For me, it will be another beautiful, perfectly valid expression of a couple making their wedding day the way they want it. This actually makes me feel happy and, personally, it widens my own perspective as an officiant, one of the benefits of being an officiant for weddings.



“I will guide you to a wedding ceremony that is mostly traditional or mostly modern or non-religious or interfaith, multicultural or any combination thereof”.

The script process starts as a blank canvas (you two haven’t chosen anything yet). Then the ideas you choose from, my Ceremony Starter Kit (or elsewhere) are added and tastefully and colorfully blended.But you might say, ‘Is this a lot of work?’ No. Not at all. The only thing you have to do is read a few starting ceremonies that I will give you and then let me know what you like.

You may have questions for me. You might ask me to edit or rewrite something or comment on where something that you came across should go. It’s simple. Unless you want to put it together yourself, which some couples enjoy doing, I will finish it up from there. I am organized and will make this smooth and easy going for you.

One couple said this about me: “We like your take on the wedding ceremony saying that it was “ours” to have it any way we want; that we could do what we want with the ideas and vows. This freedom enabled me to cut and paste a traditional ceremony together and then add in one or more of your amazing ideas. I wanted a ceremony like no one else’s, special to Jack and me and special to everyone involved.”