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Rev. Paul Michael

Rev. Paul, "We had a wonderful experience working with you. From our first initial meeting up to the actual event things went smoothly and just the way we hoped they would. We appreciated your willingness to work with us to get what we were looking for. There was never any pressure to do things that we didn't find comfortable, nor did we feel hindered, because you were so open to our ideas...Through it all, our correspondence with you felt like greeting a family friend. On Isabella's blessing day we were touched both emotionally and spiritually by your words that were shared with all of us in attendance. We achieved a memorable experience in Isabella's life. A way to bless her arrival into all of our lives. Thank you for making this possible." Angela
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An indescribable beautiful Light Baby Blessing or Baby Baptism for your precious one in any format/style you'd like: could be purely civil non-religious or as religious, sacred, interfaith, creative and spiritual as you --as mom and/or dad-- could possibly want! I am your guide and will make it anyway you'd like. I always have lots of ideas and I'm entirely flexible for your needs. A baby blessing ceremony is simply one of the most practically-wise gifts you could give your child. The setting for a child's baby blessing has often been a midday pot luck with family, friends and God Parents at a home, in the backyard, at a park or at a club, resort, hotel or other facility. Whatever is best and most relaxing for family and baby is my desire, too.

I have to tell you that I don't know of a sweeter, warmer, more fun place to be than at a Baby Blessing or Baby Baptism ceremony. In officiating Baby Blessings for many years, I can accurately report that they're ah-mazing. Personally, I'm always moved by the light and sacredness that's present during the blessing which, I am told, matches the experience of others present. I always hear from parents and family just how great it felt to be there in the room (patio or yard). Whoever comes to the blessing feels so glad they came plus they leave with a lot of take-home inspirations. At times I've thought: "What a great place to be for anyone needing a renewal or healing. I believe they would benefit by attending any baby blessing."

And I haven't even mentioned the most touched of all: our dear angel baby. It's beyond words to describe how babies react during their blessing not to mention the timing of their response. Even young ones a few weeks old. Their eyes may not be open, but they're open. They may look asleep but when they move or make noises during certain parts, you know they were listening fully. Some babies have opened their eyes and looked at me during a part that (presumably) touched them a lot. I stopped and was in awe. I felt "Wow". I could tell that all of us, as the baby's community, were moved and touched.

Any questions? Please ask them. You may use this Form which is a wedding site that I publish --do your best to put info about your baby blessing in the fields available. I will know it's a baby blessing. TIP: if a field has an "r" it's a required field. If it doesn't apply to you, just put anything in it and it should work. If this is not easy or doesn't work, leave a message for me at 623-252-4256 with the best time range or two so I can call you. We'll make this work. Thank you for your patience with forms. I understand.

More Letters:

Reverend Michael,
We would like to thank you for your beautiful words and presence. You have made the happiest days of our lives so special, and memorable. How happy were we to have you marry us 9 years ago, and then to have you come to our house and bless our first child in our garden was just such an amazing experience. My family can't stop talking about it, and for good reason. Thank you for being a part of our family. We can't wait until our next special event! Sincerely, Stephanie and Chris

Dear Paul,
I just wanted to tell you that Josh and I and all our family thought the baby blessing ceremony was very beautiful. I was wondering if you could email me that Godparent Legacy (your creative option) that the Godparents wrote. I would like to hold on to it for Violette for when she's older. Thank you again for everything. Lisa

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