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I feel so grateful to have developed and to be able to offer the above additional services. Just like it is my nature to not be satisfied with doing the minimum with weddings, it is my nature to give my all through the services on this page. Perhaps we can connect together (or reconnect together) through one or more of them.


If someone you know is getting married outside of Arizona, they may appreciate your telling them that I publish an officiant/bride-groom matching service that will introduce them to professional good-to-work-with and flexible officiants who serve locally in 25 metro areas. Depending on the area, my associates include ministers, pastors, priests, rabbis and civil officiants. They work with all types of ceremonies from civil to religious and everything in between. Suggest to them a visit to:


I don't expect or require premarital classes or counseling in order to officiate a ceremony. I do believe strongly that it is wise for couples to discuss together, to consider, that the very nature of marriage requires an attitude of contstant learning and growing together, especially in acquiring and fine-tuning communication skills together.

I have learned that it's not an issue which trips up or otherwise leads to big challenges for a couple, it's HOW the issue is dealt with that does this. Need I say that communication, the choice of words, the tone that the words ride in on, are important? I hope you are hearing all this in a new way right now and, more importantly, acknowledge within yourself that there is always more to learn in communicating together.

I work with a communication model that is brilliantly simple and quite easy to learn. It is based upon HOW to communicate feelings and needs so that EACH of you have the outcome that you most want, i.e., peace and wellness and success together. Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, the originator of this model (commonly called NVC), is a widely-known innovative and uplifting leader/teacher in the area of commpassionate communication. This approach is about practicing, practicing, practicing and I offer myself as a coach, an assistant for you with this process. You could start by Googling Marshall or NVC and learning more. If this connects for you, let's talk further.
Contact me to talk more about any aspect of this.


I see a House Blessing as a Light blessing for one's home and family.

A House Blessing is a delightful way--a most warm and connecting way--to begin in a new home or to begin anew in an existing home. It is done with a minister or civil marriage officiant and with those who will be living in the house (but not everyone has to be there).

Friends and other family may also be invited. Refreshments or a meal can be served afterwards as part of the occasion.

A House Blessing focuses on and, like a powerful magnet, attracts the qualities you want in your home (e.g., loving, abundance, prosperity, peace, health, balance, healing, fun, laughter, etc.). It can be short or longer. It can have a potluck afterwards. It certainly will have the values that have the most meaning for you. It can be entirely non-religious or have many religious elements, or be spiritual, or involve enthnic/cultural traditions, etc. It is always what you choose/approve of. I will work with you to make this very easy to put together.

USE THE FORM AT:: to have me contact you so I can answer all your questions. Note: this is a form for weddings but you may use it for a House Blessing as well.

A House Blessing prepares the way for all that is coming for you and your nearest and dearest ones; your family.

Thank You, Reverend Paul Michael


"Rev. Paul, "We had a wonderful experience working with you. From our first initial meeting up to the actual event things went smoothly and just the way we hoped they would. We appreciated your willingness to work with us to get what we were looking for. There was never any pressure to do things that we didn't find comfortable, nor did we feel hindered, because you were so open to our ideas...Through it all, our correspondence with you felt like greeting a family friend. On Isabella's blessing day we were touched both emotionally and spiritually by your words that were shared with all of us in attendance. We achieved a memorable experience in Isabella's life. A way to bless her arrival into all of our lives. Thank you for making this possible." Angela

Photos and more on my Baby Blessing page.....


We invest money and time for many things to get our new project or business off the ground, right? Why not then, invest in a powerful blessing of the business and of all those who are a part of it as well?

A Business Blessing insures that all your bases are covered because the success of your business or project has everything to do with the inner part of you, and your partners, if any.

Once engaged to do a Business Blessing ceremony, I would interview you (phone or in person) to prepare a Business Blessing script. The words for your ceremony script would no more and no less than what you approve. It can be entirely civil non-religious or have a lot of religious elements including scripture that is meaningful to you. It can have creative options that I offer. It can be short or longer. It can have others present or not. It will be perfectly tailored for what you need, including your business intention and goals.

A business is only as strong as the foundation it sits on. A Business Blessing affirms the owner's vision. It can also help clear anything in the way of your business succeeding. Does this sound important to you? Many have looked at carving out the time to have a formal business blessing ceremony as something they cannot afford not to have. Feel free to contact me at 623-252-4256
or use this form.


Note on Commitment Ceremonies: There are couples who can have a legal ceremony but choose a commitment ceremony because of financial reasons and other reasons. There are couples who can't have a legal ceremony for many reasons (societal laws, lack of legal capacity to enter into a marriage contract, etc.). Whatever the reason a Commitment or Sacred Ceremony is a wonderful alternative and couples who choose this are deeply grateful that such a ceremony exists (and that officiants exist for it). Personally, I see commitment ceremonies as an acknowledgment and celebration of a couple's love. I believe so strongly that whenever Love is present, whenever!, it is cause for celebrating. Contact me, below; or use this form.

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