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You can click here and be taken to a Form on a site that I publish nationwide. Please feel free to use this Form for me personally. It will give me your complete information quickly so I can check my availability for you. Should I not be available, it be easy to have one of my proven long time associates contact you so you can see if they are a good fit for you. I have built an excellent family of personable Valley associates to draw upon. Wanted you to know that I have options should I not be available.

Or call me: 623-252-4256

Lastly, as I was looking at the photo on the right of me officiating a smaller wedding, it brought to mind something. That while I regularly officiate larger weddings with many hundreds of people, many video cameras and lots of embellishments, a wedding with just the bride and groom and two witnesses in a simple setting is every bit as much a "full size wedding". What do I mean by this? Does it matter to me what size the wedding is? Or if it's fancy? Not in the least! This is because I am ceremony-oriented and because a full size wedding to me consists of you two and myself (and two witnesses in Arizona). That's it. Everything else is just an extra--a beautiful wonderful extra to be sure, but nothing compared to the fullness of you two and your beautiful ceremony.

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A Phoenix Arizona Officiant By Any Other Name: Wedding marriage ministers and civil officiants are known by many names: minister, officiant, official, pastor, officiate, officiator, wedding officiant, wedding minister, wedding official, wedding pastor, marriage officiant, marriage minister, ceremony officiant, non-religious officiant, ceremony minister, marriage official, wedding clergy, priest, civil officiant and as one 5 year old once told me, “the one who tells them when to kiss”

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