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My ministry and interest in supporting you as a couple and family did not stop when your ceremony was over. It's still here and I'm still here with other services that will also benefit you. Just like my nature not to be satisfied doing the minimum guided me in supporting you as an engaged couple, it guides me to give my all with the above services.


If someone you know is getting married outside of Arizona, they may appreciate your telling them that I publish a free officiant-minister finder service that will introduce them to a professional good-to-work-with officiant candidate that they can then interview in their city. They would officiate all types of ceremonies from civil to religious and everything in between. The site is Here.


If you know of an engaged couple that wants to have a wedding ceremony and is concerned about how it will all work - and if it can work - let them know about me because I'm not only here for them, I have experience with and have a sensitivity for officiating when there are special needs.


Some of the reasons couples chose to renew their vows:
a. There was a lot of distraction on wedding day and we want something quieter and more meaningful now; just the two of us.
b. Our ceremony was just okay and the officiant didn't seem that connected to us and now we want the words we want and an officiant who is heartfelt and shows feelings with the words, not just saying them.
c. Our relationship has been challenging lately and we want to re-connect with each other including having new vow words to reflect what's important to us now.
d. Back then, we didn't really think about the meaning of marriage. We didn't take the time to ask important questions or think deeply enough in answering them; like: What does marriage mean including to our spiritual views now? How do we look at being married and our sharing day-to-day tasks, responsibilities? Knowing our patterns and personalities better, what do we want to stay focused on in our marriage and how can we express it in a renewal of vows?
e. We love the idea of celebrating our marriage again and we want to have the honeymoon we never had.



This note tells a lot about the Baby Blessing ceremonies I officiate: "Rev. Paul, "We had a wonderful experience working with you. From our first initial meeting up to the actual event, things went smoothly and just the way we hoped they would. We appreciated your willingness to work with us to get what we were looking for. There was never any pressure to do things that we didn't find comfortable, nor did we feel hindered, because you were so open to our ideas...Through it all, our correspondence with you felt like greeting a family friend. On Isabella's blessing day we were touched both emotionally and spiritually by your words that were shared with all of us in attendance. We achieved a memorable experience in Isabella's life. A way to bless her arrival into all of our lives. Thank you for making this possible." Angela
Photos and more on my Baby Blessing page.....


I don't expect or require premarital classes or counseling in order for me to officiate a wedding ceremony. I don't believe couples should do or have to do classes or counseling to be prepared for married life. I do suggest that couples have at least a few private conversations about the nature of marriage and the role an attitude of learning and growing together plays in marriage (including learning new communication skills together).

I want you to hear what has influenced me as a communication coach, how I see things. Earlier in my life, I came through the school of 'relationship hard knocks' and it gave me many gifts like what I was doing that wasn't working in relationships (what made them hard for me). The big thing I learned is that an issue is never the problem as such. When issues came up in my relationships and were challenging it was not because of the issue, it was because of HOW I viewed the issue (it was a problem vs. an opportunity) and how I then dealt with it that made it challenging and at times more than I thought I could handle. In this light I opened up to how important my words and my tone were in a conversation when there was an issue. That having good clear communication -especially on sensitive issues - matters!

All my relationships started to change 16 years ago when I went to hear a talk by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. I learned a communication model that opened me up to a new way to connect with myself and with my partner. There are many parts of this model but the one that initially caught my attention was about 'how to listen to my partner without morally judging them'- so they could feel safe sharing with me. I can't say enough about how this changed ALL of my relationships with myself, in business, family, friends etc. I mean all. If the above sounded interesting for you, feel free to contact me so we can talk more.


I see a House Blessing as a Light blessing for one's home and family.

A House Blessing is a delightful way--a most warm and connecting way--to begin in a new home or to begin anew in an existing home. It is done by a minister or civil marriage officiant and with those who will be living in the house (but not everyone has to be there).

Friends and other families may also be invited. Refreshments or a meal can be served afterward as part of the occasion.

A House Blessing focuses on and, like a powerful magnet attracts the qualities you want in your home (e.g., loving, abundance, prosperity, peace, health, balance, healing, fun, laughter, etc.). It can be short or longer. It can have a potluck afterward. It certainly will have the values that have the most meaning for you. It can be entirely non-religious or have many religious elements, or be spiritual, or involve ethnic/cultural traditions,etc. It is always what you choose/approve of. I will work with you to make this very easy to put together.

A House Blessing prepares the way for all that is coming for you and your nearest and dearest ones; your family.


We invest money and time for many things to get our new project or business off the ground, right? Why not then, invest in a powerful blessing of the business and of all those who are a part of it as well?

A Business Blessing insures that all your bases are covered because the success of your business or project has everything to do with the inner part of you and your partners if any.

Once engaged to do a Business Blessing ceremony, I would interview you (phone or in person) to prepare a Business Blessing script. The words of your ceremony script would no more and no less than what you approve. It can be entirely civil non-religious or have a lot of religious elements including scripture that is meaningful to you. It can have creative options that I offer. It can be short or longer. It can have others present or not. It will be perfectly tailored for what you need, including your business intention and goals.

A business is only as strong as the foundation it sits on. A Business Blessing affirms the owner's vision. It can also help clear anything in the way of your business succeeding. Does this sound important to you? Many have looked at carving out the time to have a formal business blessing ceremony as something they cannot afford not to have. Feel free to contact me

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