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About Me

Rev Paul
Reverend Paul Michael is an independent, non-denominational wedding officiant who received his formal non-denominational ministerial ordination in Chicago (1982) and his Masters in Theology in Los Angeles (1995). He officiated his first wedding in Naperville Illinois (1983) and began officiating full-time in Phoenix in 1994.

While Rev. Paul Michael is an ordained minister, he is known in the Valley to officiate purely non-religious civil ceremonies as often as non-denominational and religious ceremonies. He is in the minority of clergy because he's completely comfortable not having any religious aspects (even a prayer) in a ceremony for couples that want it. Rev. Paul Michael is very  prayerful in his life for himself but doesn't ever impose this on couples. Some couples have poems or invocations in their ceremony and Rev.Paul enjoys these like he enjoys prayer. In fact, they are prayers for him, with different words.

In summary, Rev.Paul officiates all forms of ceremonies per the tradition the couple wants.  He's comfortable with what a couple wants. He feels happy when couples know that it's their ceremony and therefore they can have it just how they want it. His job, so-to-speak, is to make their wishes happen for them and then bring it to life on wedding day.

Rev Paul MichaelPaul describes his ministry as one for marriage and family specializing in engaged and newlywed couples. You will find Rev. Paul Michael with many skills that he brings to expression for a ceremony. These include organization, creativity, personability with people and a sense of timing as a presenter. None, though, is commented upon quite as much as his calming and light-hearted nature as a person in working with couples and their families (you may find Paul jokingly sharing--in a serious tone--that he is a DCPUO, a double-certified professional un-overwhelmer).
In addition to officiating wedding ceremonies, Rev. Paul regularly officiates Renewal of Vows, Baby Blessings, and Sacred Commitment Ceremonies (for couples not wanting to have--or who can't have--a legal ceremony). He also serves couples before and after their wedding who would like to hone their communication skills (Paul believes that skillful communication is the #1 ingredient for a healthy committed relationship).
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