Wedding OfficiantWhen we first get together, you’ll hear me say something like: “This is your wedding. Anything can be done here. There is nothing, no interest or viewpoint, that cannot be blended beautifully into your ceremony. But it will not be about the words as such. It will be about the meaning of the words for you. This is all about you two.

Ordained Wedding Officiant Minister since ’83 – Over 20 years Full Time in the Valley – “As a wedding officiant I do as many Civil ceremonies as Religious and Non-Denominational ones”. Renewal of Vows – Baby Blessings + popular Creative Options (see why, below)

Once we are working together, as your wedding officiant, I will provide you with a Custom Ceremony Starter Kit that draws from my experience with Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Interfaith, NonReligious, Civil officiating and also includes ideas for Children and other areas. I have also done ceremonies with Spanish interpreters and also have the sensitivity and experience to officiate for any Special Needs a couple may have.

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A Wedding Officiant You Can Count On For A Ceremony You’ll Love

“SINCE 1983, as a wedding minister and wedding officiant, I have officiated a wide variety of expressions–from purely civil non religious to religious; each equally valid and beautiful to me. I maintain an independent and very non-denominational approach that I am told is uplifting for couples and families of every faith and persuasion. As your wedding officiant, you can count on

EVERYTHING FROM SCRIPT TO CEREMONY being only about: what would support you two to have a great start as beloved partners, as you two would define it. You’re the CEOs of your marriage ceremony to me! This includes the length and tone, and the prayer (or no prayer if you’re a civil non-religious couple).

As your Phoenix wedding officiant guide, MY ROLE WILL BE a modern flexible one and a very supportive one. “I’m not someone who tells couples what’s right or wrong for them, not even someone who thinks they can know what’s right or wrong for a couple”.

More about the tool for getting the words you want for your ceremony, the Ceremony Start Kit: It not only includes ceremonies and vow examples, it includes special creative options like the Parent Legacy and the Love You’s. Note on options: Even though I provide many options, STILL, the process is simple because I’m always guiding you and holding a relaxed atmosphere. This is what I have always been about and as your wedding officiant this is what you can count on.

WANT TO KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE THE PERFECT SCRIPT FOR YOU TWO? Easy. You can do a test for it: Stand or sit so you can look into each other’s eyes. Read the script and then look into each other’s eyes and say: “This is really us! This is just how we want our ceremony to be”. How did it feel to say that after reading the script? If great, you have it. If it’s not clearly great, then there may be something else needed. The point is that when a wedding ceremony script matches you two, in tone and words, it will feel really good and you’ll know it.

AND IT’S ALL HAPPENED BECAUSE IT STARTED WITH a ‘makes-sense-matched-to-the-couple ceremony concept’ and, then, what was needed to be done was done and done well.

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We appreciate your demeanor, your style, your personality, the way you handled everything.

Wedding Officiant
It was the perfect balance of religion, marital seriousness, and light humor. It wasn’t too heavy, too religious (or too funny). The balance was wonderful. There was something for everyone.

We will NEVER forget the way that you delivered it!

“You have an impeccable sense of timing, fanning the embers of humor when they spark and all the while paying proper homage to God, spirituality and the sanctity of marriage!!!

“Since the wedding, I have gotten numerous phone calls and handwritten notes, saying that our wedding was “good for their marriage”, that it made some couples re-evaluate their marriage, and that some couples now want to renew their vows.

“Some guests expected a quick 10 minutes ceremony and then off to the reception, but they got so much more.
Wedding Officiant
The creative ideas that you offered us were a huge hit!

“Everyone especially liked the Love You part…you were absolutely right about that part.

“As Godmother for (the bride), I can say that the ceremony really captured both of them.

“The room glowed with positive energy. . .the audience involvement rocked!!!
Wedding Officiant

“If you want a special ceremony with true sincerity, you need to hire Paul Michael (this is what a couple said their string quartet told them when they inquired about officiants in the Valley).

“After meeting with you today, I came to the realization that the most important thing is the ceremony and the meaning behind the ceremony. I believed you were going to help make this most memorable for Ian and I (and it WAS!)
Wedding Officiant

“We met with a number of wedding ministers and chose you and we’re so glad we did. Thank you for all that you gave especially with how you brought our ceremony words to life on the wedding day.They touched everyone.. Bruce & Melody

“Thank you for telling my owners that it would be great to let me carry the rings down around my neck. Fido
Wedding Officiant

In closing this page, as a professional wedding officiant, you can count on me to give my 100% best to support you.  Plus it can continue after the ceremony as I offer other services that will benefit you. Best Regards, Paul

Wedding Officiant

Dear Prospective Wedding Minister / Wedding Officiant Associate Residing in Phoenix Arizona, As my dates are often taken well in advance, I am open to additional associates to serve Phoenix, Tucson, Sedona or Prescott. Are you a very very flexible, good to work with wedding officiant who is committed to serving Arizona couples so they can have the wedding marriage ceremony they most want? A wedding ceremony that is 100% about them? If so, I’d love to hear from you. Email paul@marriagetools.com – Thank You, Paul.

THE ART OF WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY. HERE’S ONE OF GREATS (and a super kind easy to work with one as well).

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For over 22 years Wedding Officiant Minister Rev. Paul Michael has guided and officiated every type of ceremony in the phoenix and surrounding area for couples, so they had it exactly how they wanted it resulting in relaxation and ease (& fun) on their beautiful wedding day. Rev Paul Michael serves - Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Mesa, Carefree, Chandler, Tempe, Glendale, Sun City, Surprise, Apache Junction, Buckeye, Goodyear, Avondale.